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What you experience is an effect of negative ions.

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Cleaning dirty lamp without melting the salt

Don’t worry, if Himalayan salt lamp looks dirty. Turn off and unplug the lamp, allow it to cool down. Take a damp cloth or sponge and gently clean the lamp’s surface, make sure that the cloth/sponge is not wet. Dry the lamp using a lint-free dry cloth piece. After that, turn it on. Once the lamp is fully heated; salt crystals will evaporated off the left over water, themselves.

Your salt lamp is melting, or pooling water and you need help?

In humid areas, if you will switch off your lamp for extended periods; your lamp will start melting and pooling water. Leave the lamp in strong sunlight for about 5 hours and brush off the excess crystals. After that, wipe gently with a cloth and turn on the lamp. This simple and quick remedy will solve your problem.

Worried for lamp while going away on holidays?

If you are planning to go away on holidays, but are worried about Himalayan salt lamp’s melting or pooling water problem, here is solution for that. Unplug the power cord, separate it from the lamp, and pack the lamp in a plastic bag. Make sure you pack it in a way that it remains air tight. This simple and easy step will prevent the lamp from pooling water.